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Aug 6, 2020 | Foundation, OP Shop | 0 comments

Shop has closed. The charity will still keep going, watch this space for updates.

We had our shop/cafe for over 5 years and we are grateful for every single person who supported us along the way.

The shop supported and assisted so many with making change in their life.

We ran so many projects we have had more than 450 individuals involved who have been supported and encouraged to make positive changes in their life.

The shop assisted so many that were at a disadvantage stage in their life and with every customer who spent time with us at the shop we are grateful and we will miss you.

Miss Covid19 brought around change for all of us, she has changed so many peoples direction in life and has affected the charity.

However the charity will still keep going but without the shop.


Take care of each other, spread kindness and love, every single person deserves it

Be patient with each other but most of all lift each other up during these difficult times.


The WOW Team


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