The Life Coach Fairy Tale

Jun 20, 2015 | Programs | 0 comments

Life coaching, the new age business where the marketing campaign is usually filled with pictures of wealth and the motto of gain.

Life coaching is a business folks remember that. We spoke to a woman who had spent thousands on the service of a life coach, after a few years she decided she no longer needed this service and within one month she realised that out of all the meetings this service had not offered her the ability to be her own life coach

The industry is now swamped with those who have intentions of wealth rather than the well-being of their clients. Some who are reading this may believe this to be wrong however we ask you to have a closer look. Why do you need a life coach ? What was their marketing campaign what did they offer you from the beginning ? The ability to sit with someone and direct them in the right direction of doing or thought has been around for years and it was called friendship.

In today’s world we sit with our friends and we are not as open as we should be and some of us do not want our friends to know our most inner negative thoughts or lack of confidence in our ability. This woman who described her journey of the services of a life coach also showed us all the books, cd’s and products she purchased off of her life coach and the cost involved . These tools now sit on her book shelf gaining dust and taking up more space in her life.

All we ask is that you have a look at who you are seeking services from, and seek out their intentions from the beginning.

At the WOW Foundation we show you how to be your OWN LIFE coach and our program is FREE yes FREE.
So we ask you to think deeply about life coaching we are not saying all are servicing in the eye of greed and self gain but we are saying watch out for them .


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