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2019#nomoredomesticsilence is our latest project created to stop the silence surronding all forms of domestic abuse, by educating and raise awareness.

Our volunteers are working hard to create a booklet aimed to educate and empower it readers.

They are creating bags, shirts, bookmarks and more designed to raise awareness.

We aim to give these items to the public and those in need to help end the silence around domestic abuse.

If you need support for domestic or family violence please call:

1800 737 732     (1800 RESPECT)

and for more help & info visit


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Indigenous Art Project

2018 – Inspired by Karen who discovered her talent for art in our W.O.W Art Project we were inspired to create an Indigenous Art Project, where our volunteers would not only learn to create Indigenous Art, but embrace the storytelling aspects that go with them.


The Elephant

The Elephant depicts life in the simplest sense,
we’re born, we grow and we try to spread joy in the process
and like the tree on the trunk
one day we to will grown old and wither
but hopefully we have spread life too

Inspired by the creativity of our volunteers we held an Auction to help raise funds for the foundation. Thanks to all who participated we raised over $1,000 for the foundation. 

Due to the success of this project and our foundations passion for helping women. We won the Westpac Foundation Community Grant which we are using to create our latest project #nomoredomesticsilence


2017 –  Our Upcycling Project was motivated by our desire to help the enivronment and reduce the amount of items going to landfill that could still have a use. We aimed to raise awareness of this issues so people would think more before throwing away or purchasing new items.

Our group of volunteers brought old and worn items back to life with paint and creativity, inspiring others to think about their own environmental impact and the different ways to reuse, recycle and donate. 

This project would not have been possible without the generous donations made to us through our OP Shop. If you would like to assist us with projects like this please consider donating to W.O.W.

W.O.W E-Mag

2016 –  Due to the success of W.O.W Magazine, we were inspired to continue sharing stories of worth by creating an online version.

Our volunteers worked hard to design and create our new website, They searched for stories not only about inspirational women, but about topics that inspired them. As well as creating a monthly writing competiton designed to inspire others to unleash their own creativity.

If you are interested in sharing your story or writing for us, please contact us.

W.O.W Art

2016 – Our Art Project enabled Volunteers to express their creative side by designing art and crafts for the Foundation, including our Op Shop.

Our strong success story is Karen who uncovered her talent and has had her work commissioned.


… I would never have thought I had the ability to be an artist until the Women of Worth Foundation team empowered me to be confident and step outside the life I had known. Being part of W.O.W has changed my life for the better! I enjoy painting and I am now proud of what I have produced and I can allow myself to dream of a better future …

– Karen

W.O.W Magazine

2015  – We began our Magazine Project to inspire others with stories of worth. With this in mind our team of volunteers came up with mirages. A magazine designed to share the real stories behind women and not the illusion we often see or create.

Our volunteers searched passionately for women who’s stories needed to be told. And were amazed when each women they asked, so generouly and bravely agreed to share their raw and powerful stories, not only with us but with you.

thank you, we could not have done this without you

Inspired by each womans stories our volunteers worked hard to write, edit and design this magazine. If you would like to read it, please contact us.

From this project we were inspired and motivated to continue and create

W.O.W 3D

2015 –  We ran our 6 month project aimed to inspire our volunteers with new skills & knowledge in the rapidly growing area of 3D Printing.

Our group of volunteers worked together
to design & produce 3D creations.

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