every woman is worthy no matter her past or situation

We work with women, from the age of 16 onwards, who are vulnerable, through homelessness, family dynamics, domestic abuse or those who need assistance to make some positive lifestyle changes to assist them in gaining a healthy, productive life for themselves and their family.

What we do is simple. We empower women to get their lives back & discover their self worth.

every woman is worthy of the best life she can live

Welfare onto Work

Be empowered, be motivated. Discover your confidence, your pride, your worth & change your future.

We provide long term unemployed women an individual and holistic 4 week program that will transform their mindset and life.

Qualified trainers, mentors & life coaches work with each participant to guide, motivate and empower them with the skills need to secure & retain employment. We focus on the development of life skills, setting goals and plans, empowering self- worth and preparing them and their family for the transition to work.


I spent 12 years in Jail. During this time my mother took care of my son by the time I was released he was 15 and I did not know him and I did not think I was worthy of being his mother after what I had done. I will not go into details about what happened, put it this way I made a stupid decision in helping my boyfriend out, most importantly my son had his mother taken away from him. The W.O.W Foundation provided to me a free workshop on self-worth and supported me in building my relationship with my son. After the course, they sent me for a job interview and one of their mentors came with me. On that day, the employer offered me the job working full-time in his cafe kitchen from that day on my life changed. I am worthy, I am a worthy woman thanks to the W.O.W Team. I learnt the secret ingredient was self-worth. Every woman needs this workshop.

– Gina (attended the very first workshop)

Welfare onto Work: Program Outline

Week 1: Focus & Goals

Participants will clarify work specific values and set milestone goals


  • Life Coaching
  • Values Clarification
  • Experientail Avoidance Video
  • Goal Setting with Milestones
  • Committed Action

Week 2: Vision For Your Life

Participants will clarify sutible and fulfilling career pathways


  • Strengths Based Assessments
  • Exploration Exercises
  • Mission Statement Exercise
  • Job Ad Exercise
  • “True You” Exercise
  • Milestone Discussion

Week 3: Power Of Mind

Participants will learn to cope with their thoughts and feelings more effectively throught psychological flexability


  • Experiential Diffusion Exercise
  • Experiential Connection Exercise
  • Experiential “Oberseving Self” Exercise

Week 4: Attitude & Healthy Relationships

Participants will learn to interact with others effectively


  • DRAIN Exercrse
  • Effective Communication Exercise
  • Body Language Exercise
  • Cultural Consideration Discussion

At the age of 26 I had never worked, I left school at the age of 14 and at the age of 17 my mother passed away from a drug overdose. I had moved around a lot and had been in and out of many abusive relationships. I wanted to work I wanted to go back to school I did not think I could. I enrolled many times into courses and adult education but I never even attended the first day. My inner voice was telling me I was not good enough, I was stupid and not worth it. Today after attending the one month workshop my life is on a different path. The W.O.W Team supported me into Adult education to complete my schooling from there I have now started my first year at university. Most importantly they awoke my self worth they provided to me encouragement and support via sisterhood, my mentor is over 60 years of age and she had a similar background as I have had. Without her and the W.O.W Team I know I would still be jumping around in a miserable life because I was totally miserable , now today I am at Uni I work part-time and I volunteer at the foundation.

– Tracy (attended the very first workshop)

Find Your MOJO

Held monthly one day a week this program is perfect for those who are looking for motivation and extra support, we provide a relaxed space where women can form friendships & support networks during their search for work. 

By working together and connecting over their journey’s, they discovering their skills and motivation in seeking paid employment.

We assist them with resume updates, cover letter creations, interview skills & so much more. 

Contact us now to register your interest in our Programs

Without your help we will not be able to continue to run this program & support women in need.  The cost for one women to complete this program is $800. Donate now to support us in changing a woman’s life & that of her family.

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