Gift of Love

Aug 31, 2016 | Programs, Women of Worth | 0 comments

Something Wonderfully Beautiful happened last week at our office. Our founder conducted the very first W.O.W Woman program a year ago to date. All the girls from that very first program surprised her with this beautiful painting (painted by one of the girls who attended the course).

Each girl wrote a card with grateful messages on how the program empowered them and the changes that have taken place. Janice our founder has not stopped crying. With each card she reads the tears flow but there is joy in her heart, she truly is so grateful to you all (you all know who you are).

She has worked so hard to start this foundation and to keep going, all the hours, all the stress seem to empower her more on our mission and this gift of love has sparked her to keep going. We have called this Elephant FREYA: Norse Moon Goddess her passion – Sisterhood & Beauty.

thank you from all of us


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