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Dec 7, 2015 | Magazine, Projects | 0 comments

Did you know here at the W.O.W Foundation we have gained funding to create our first magazine based on Women of Worth around South Australia we hope to have many issues of this free magazine but for now this is the birth issue the team is so excited, we can not wait for the publishing date.

So far at the W.O.W Foundation we have found an amazing team of volunteers both young and mature minds, working towards great things for the magazine that shall be released around April 2016.

We have now been active for almost 4 weeks we started by introducing each other and finding what skills people had and how they can help and excel in certain areas of our magazine, as the weeks progressed we have an amazing title we have a cover in progress. We also have sub headings for the sections of the magazine.

Now we are ready to interview, we have a lot of interesting ladies of S.A ready to tell us their story.
If you have a story to tell or any ideas to assist please contact the team at team@womenofworthaustralia.com.au we would love to hear from you or maybe you would like to volunteer your time!

Remember we are an not for profit and any skills or time you have would be cherished by the team come and be part of our team.


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