Current Projects

A Way Out

Our current Project is to get funding for our A Way Out Workshops, these workshops will help females and their family within the community. A Way Out Workshops will build participants capability in several focus areas: Self awareness, emotional and social intelligence, workplace employment, life skills, confidence, goal setting and attitude change. Which will assist in their strategy towards changing and finding A Way Out.

To help us get the funding please visit and vote to help us now.

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W.O.W E-Mag

Our current Project is a continuation of the Magazine Project which has now finished with our first edition being published. We are so inspire to continue the journey we are going to create an Online Magazine. If you would like to see our online magazine please visit now.


We have just finished our Art Project at W.O.W. This project enabled Volunteers to express their creative side and create art and craft for the Foundation, including our Op Shop. Our strong success story is Karen who uncovered her talent and has recently had her work commissioned.

        20160317_wow op shop_029        Reconciliation Art       20160329_wow_014


We began a Magazine Project at W.O.W last year. This magazine is based on Females stories of Worth. Our First Edition is now complete and will soon be available. Subscribe to stay up to date. This Project has inspired us to continue and create the Women Of Worth Online Magazine, our current project.

W.O.W Magazine - Stories to Inspire

W.O.W 3D

We ran a 3D Printing project at W.O.W last year. Our Volunteers designed 3D creations for our Worthy Village. Are you interested in this new technology 3D Printing then contact us to find out more.

wow 3d